Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A New Direction?

"Dream a little dream for yourself and write it down.  Then figure out how to make it happen.  There is great joy in the journey.  There is happiness in the trying.  It's the difference between beige and technicolor.  Live your life in color.  It's so much better that way."
~Rebecca French at Shoved to Them

This comes with funny timing, because I just had a text-conversation with my sister the other day about a project.  A project we were joking about starting, working on, and producing together.  But after I put my phone down, I realized, "Hey now.  I actually really want to do this!"  It's combining a couple of my passions- media and spreading the faith and people- in a different direction than I was originally thinking.  Does this mean that I've ditched my dream of serving as a youth minister and doing graphic design for the Church?  Absolutely not.  This would be more of a "fun" project; a passion that I did in my "free time" (that's in quotes because youth ministers don't have a heck of a lot of time!)

The end of our conversation went like this:
C: Hmmmm.  Well perhaps something to think abt for after college?? [ ... ]
Me: "Right now!  I'll do it right now!!! :P  Kidding, I have no time to [ do... ] right now.
C: I'm behind you 110%!! [ ... ]
Me: Oh goody! [ ... ] This is my project for the next 3 years...*ahem* we'll see ;)
C: If you put one more thing on your plate you might just end up in a straight jacket!!!

Well, yes, that's true.  I am incredibly busy right now and have absolutely no time to start a project of the magnitude that this project would be.  At the same time, I can spend some time now figuring out how to make it happen.

I think that's what Rebecca is getting at: find out what you want to do.  Something you really, really want to do.  And work to do it.  Even if it seems crazy and nuts.  Because if you don't try, it'll definitely never happen.

And now you're all burning with curiosity as to what this project is.  Sorry, I'm not telling ;)  Just in case it never happens.  But believe me, if it does happen, ya'll will be the first to know!

So pray for me, as I figure out where God is calling me to best serve Him and His Church!


  1. Prayers for sure! I'm excited to see what this project is-- if it's meant to be, God will make sure you have time when you need it. :)

  2. Well, girl, if you do it I'm "in"! We'll just have to squeeze it in around our busy lives. But if it's God's will then he'll make the time. :-) Fiat, right?