Dream List

~Read through the entire Bible at least once
~Find a spiritual director and speak to him at least once a month for a year
~learn the Hail Mary in Japanese
~when possible, attend daily mass or adoration.  If I can't make it to a chapel, spend 15 minutes in prayer

~go on a week-long silent retreat

~learn as much as possible about scripture

~eat fried green tomatoes
~go to an art museum
~go to the Museum of Modern Art
~go to the Museum of Natural History
~take a ballroom dance class
~read every Jane Austen book
~read all of C.S. Lewis' books
~read The Hobbit before I see the movie again
~read all of Agatha Christie's books

~attend a Broadway show in NY

~attend the Winter Olympics
~attend the Summer Olympics
~go to a farmer's market, both in the States and Europe
~go to a zoo
~take a swing dance class
~Go to concerts of my favorite artists from each genre
~eat turtle soup
~buy street food (of any sort) and eat it (Trdelnik in Prague)
~go on a segway tour of DC
~become proficient at swing dancing

Locations to Visit
~St. Peter's Basilica (January 25 & 27, 2013)
~Paris (March 27, 2013)
~France-visit every province
~Lourdes (March 30-April 6, 2013)
~Vatican City (January 25-27, March 1-7 2013)
~England (March 22-24, 2013)
~Leaning Tower of Pisa
~Panama Canal
~Universal Studios
~the Memorials in DC
~Four Corners
~Cape Cod
~Martha's Vinyard
~Hearst Castle
~National Cherry Blossom Festival
~Park City, Utah
~Taj Mahal, India
~Great Wall of China
~Niagra Falls


~Rio de Janeiro

~an island
~Holy Land

~have an audience with the Pope
~sleep in an overnight train (March 27-28, 2013)
~stay at a Bed and Breakfast with friends for a weekend

~be a member of the audience of a TV show

~go to Kenya and volunteer for 2 weeks

~meet and have a conversation with Regina Doman (more than "Hi! I love your books! ok, bye...")

~run a 5K
~keep a Thankful journal
~Get 8 hours of sleep for 7 days straight
~Lose 10 lbs
~participate in and finish a marathon

~learn to play tennis


~go canoeing
~watch a sunrise (summer '12)
~watch a sunset (summer '12)
~go hiking in a rainforest
~go kayaking
~go windsurfing
~go camping
~go skiing
~go scuba diving
~swim with dolphins

~sleep under the stars

Just Because
~learn to crochet
~grow a rose garden
~learn calligraphy
~get a bicycle that works
~learn to play the guitar
~spend the night in a famous hotel
~learn archery

~ice skate at the Rockefeller Center during Christmas

~go horseback riding in North Dakota

~decorate my bedroom exactly the way I want to
~Practice flute every day for 2 weeks
~go to a movie by myself
~live in a city (Boston or NYC, etc) for 6 months
~have a famous designer redo at least one room of my house
~stay overnight on a luxury boat
~participate in the Amazing Race
~learn chess
~learn calligraphy
~collect something
~write a song for a famous singer
~write my biography and have it published
~attend the midnight screening of a movie
~design my own house


~send letters to 5 different friends
~trace my family tree back 6 generations
~get in touch with as many family members as possible
~meet at least one great-grandchild


~learn how to drive an RV (June '12)
~go through my music, and delete songs I don't listen to
~learn to drive stick shift

~clear out my email inbox once a month for 12 months
~Go through my dresser and closet and give away everything that I don't wear, twice

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