Favorite Blogs

Sometimes I get asked which blogs I frequently read.  Well, here you go!

Crossroads-Related Blogs:
Josh's Blog: Speaking With My Steps
The General Crossroads Blog (I occasionally write for this one!)
Kirstin's Blog: My Summer 4 Life

Family's Blogs:
Full Bus: My Sister-In-Law's Blog
Humble Confidence: My Brother's Blog
Happy To Be Me: My Niece's Blog
Crazy About Sports: My Nephew's Blog
Living With Purpose: My Cousin's Blog

Friends' Blogs:
Cold Hands, Warm Heart
Embraced By Bliss
Behold Your Beauty
Come Along Pond
Sweet Unrest (this girl (and her writing) is amazing!)

Almost Not Catholic
BadCatholic (Don't be scared away by the title!  Marc is blunt and honest, and is a breath of fresh air to the Catholic blogging world...)
Passionate Perseverance
Standing on my Head

And other random awesomeness:
iHeart Organizing (This is where I go when I want to dream about my dream house in my dreams.  Lots of dreaming...)
Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe (awesome homemade jewelry and DIY projects.  She's a pro!)

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