Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Not Your Typical Weekend

Greetings to you all from ‘the hill’!!

Once again, I must apologize for my lack of posts over the weekend.  This time, however, I was on an extremely fruitful and beautiful retreat, entitled “Capture my Heart”.  It was put on by the women’s ministry group, and any women on campus were invited to go.  It was a great opportunity for me to be with my sisters in Christ, to get to know them better, and to grow in my understanding of myself as Christ’s daughter and beloved.  I can’t tell you exactly what happened, though… both because I haven’t had time to ‘process’ everything, and because I am sworn to secrecy ;)  But it was amazing.

So that ran from Friday through Sunday, and we returned on Sunday after what should have been a 1 ½ hour drive, but because of a detour turned into a 2 ½ hour drive…. I ran (literally) into my dorm, dumped my stuff off, quickly changed, and ran out the door again to drive into Pittsburgh.  My friend Christian joined me, and we picked up Stephanie (from this summer) in the city, and then we made our way to St. Scholastica’s parish for…. wait for it….. Josh’s Glee Club Concert!!!!  We were 2 songs late because of literally 7 wrong turns (oh, the joys of navigating a city in the dark) but we made it in time for his first solo!  And then we saw him during the intermission and he informed us that he had another solo!  (This is after he had informed me on Wednesday that “oh, no, I won’t be singing my solo because the other two guys won’t be there.  Nice cover-up, and surprise!)  The group was really talented, and we also heard a rendition of the song from the Lion King “In the Jungle” (or is it called “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”?  I don’t know… never seen the movie…) by the Undertones, the smaller a cappella group that Josh is a part of within the glee club.  And then afterwards, we were able to talk to him for about a half an hour.  Oh, and we took some pictures…

On our way home, I received a phone call from Evelyn.  It went something like this:

Me: Christian, can you answer that?
Christian: Hi Evelyn! (on speaker)
Evelyn: Oh, hey, um, is Allison there?
A: I’m right here
E: Oh hey. So, well, our room is kinda flooded.  Actually, our whole wing is flooded.
Allison, Christian, and Stephanie: WHAT?!?!?!?
E: Yeah, the sprinkler next door broke off and water was flowing for 45 minutes…. there are 3 inches on water on the floor.

Actually, my response was more like *sputter**gasp**whattheheckhappened**IS-MY-STUFF-OK??*

So I came back to campus and waded through about a half inch of water that was remaining.  Evelyn had already picked up a lot of the stuff on the ground, including my clothes that had been on retreat with me, my book bag, and the books on my bottom shelf of the bookshelf.  It was shocking to come back, but everyone was helping everyone else and even though we were displaced for the night, Stephanie was gracious enough to invite me to stay with her.

and THEN I spent until *ahem*3*ahem* that morning studying for a Psych test I had the next morning and starting a Youth Ministry paper due at 4 that day.  I got everything done (thanks to skipping two classes) and got to Mass as well.  It was one of those days when you feel like you’re living in a dream, and there’s not really anything we could do about it.

Even though we were all walking around in shock yesterday, we were all grateful that everyone was ok, and that nothing was destroyed that can’t be replaced.  A couple people lost computers, a clarinet was soaking wet, and lots of books damaged, but in the grand scheme of things, I’ll take that over personal injury or fatalities any day!

So all in all, it was a very eventful weekend.  Tomorrow, I should be getting back to my “normal broadcasting schedule” ;)

How was your weekend?

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