Sunday, September 9, 2012

turned all 'round

It's so hard to believe that it's already been two weeks since school started, and three weeks since I arrived back on campus.  I honestly really love it here, and when I call Steubenville my "second home", I mean it 100%.
I have been blessed with some amazing friends who help me in so many ways.  Every time I'm having a bad day or a hard time with something, they're there.  They're definitely up there on my "most thankful for list".  (another list. yup.  I'm into lists.) 

I've gotta say, my perspectives on so many things have changed since this summer.  Not just perspectives, but habits and daily activities.  I drink a lot more water, I eat trail mix like it's going out of style, I have no qualms about doing dishes in the dorm bathroom sink, and if my cell phone goes out of service for an hour, I may not even notice.  I wake up a heck of a lot faster, and when I go to bed, I crash (2:30 am fire alarm? didn't phase me).  I value conversations with friends and correspondence with family more.  I find myself "dropping in" to the chapel at random times, and I lovelovelovelove adoration (I missed that this summer!)  I pray the divine office every morning and evening.  My views of dating, dorm "visitation hours", and kneeling to receive communion have all changed, whether slightly or drastically.  And oh, walking the hills across campus?  No biggie.

Still, it's hard to tell what all the ways I've changed are.  Is it possible to see all the fruits from an entire summer in just 4 short weeks after completing the journey?  I can wholeheartedly say that this summer changed me, yet I can't say exactly how.  I can just feel, sense, a change, for the better.  Even two of my friends said to me, "You're different!" "How?" I asked.  "We don't exactly know.  But you're different, and it's a really good kind of different."

As I move on from this summer, I'll look back often and see all the good that happened.  I'll even revisit those difficult days, because I know they helped form me.  Hopefully, I'll be able to see someday how Crossroads made me who I am today.

But for now, I'm just gonna trust that God will reveal it all, in His perfect timing.

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