Monday, September 10, 2012

buzz buzz

Today was utter insanity.  It was the ordination and installation of Bishop Montforten, Steubenville's new bishop.  As a liturgy committee member, I was working it, so after Mass, I ran to get changed for the Mass, then I spent a couple hours setting up, and then I got to greet priests, bishops, and cardinals for 2 hours.  (There were 110 priests, 32 bishops, 2 cardinals, and 8-ish deacons here today!).  And then a 3 hour Mass, take-down and carry-back to the chapel, dinner as committee, and a little homework.  I've been on my feet all day and my brain all swimm-y. (Yes, that's a word.  At least, now it is.)

So pardon the fact that this post is anti-climactic.
love you all, and keep in touch while I'm here on the hill!

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