Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Life, it just gets crazy

Sometimes, I look at my schedule, and I laugh.
Other times, I look at my schedule, and I cry (figuratively).
Most of the time, those two occurrences (^) are on the same day.

I'm now 3 weeks (and one day) into my sophomore year, and I can honestly say I'm busier than I ever have been before.  It's just that, when you add up 6 classes, Students for Life, Liturgy Committee, Austria meetings, homework, a holy hour, Mass, and oh-by-the-way eating and sleeping, there's only so much time left.  I'm actually quite sure that I'm forgetting something in that list.  Oh well... it'll come to me when I have to go do it.  Occasionally, it's nice to talk to friends, or just sit in the chapel, or read a book other than "Psychology of Human Development" or "A Survey of the Old Testament".

Speaking of classes, they are all going quite well.  (Did I ever give a rundown of classes?  Again, I can't remember...) I'm taking:

  • Psychology- its interesting material... I'm hoping it gets a little more exciting as we get more into it, though.  First test on Friday!
  • Theology of Christ- GAH I could sit in this class for hours on end.  Dr. Martin is a genius, and his insights are mind-blowing.  He's the one I've quoted on Saturdays, so he also has a great sense of humor :)
  • Principles of Biblical Study (PBS)- I'm one of the few people in this class who's actually enjoying it.  I find anything and everything Biblical to be fascinating, especially since it's the Bible that convinced me to major in Theology in the first place.  OK, studying the Bible convinced me.  Nuance.  
  • Youth Ministry- another one of those GAH classes.  We've been talking a lot about youth culture, and even though I'm still in/just out of "youth culture" myself, its great to learn about it from a more academic POV.  We're going over how to reach the youth, based on the environments that they're growing up in nowadays.  I feel so old saying that.  You get the gist.
  • Environmental Science- it's just a filler course... Not my favorite, but definitely bearable!  and somewhat interesting.
  • Graphic Design- difficult, but really, really good.  We're learning Photoshop, which I've never used before... our first project rough draft is due next week, so I'm scrambling a little to get that going.  I'm really excited about this class, too!
In other news...
  • Our room now smells really nice, thanks to a care package from my amazing sister :D
  • We can clean our floor now!!!! because the swiffer came in the mail.  Call me nutso, but I was uber excited about this silly swiffer.  Evelyn has never seen a swiffer before.  I don't know how she lived.
  • My Crossroads family (aka Josh) decided that today was "post pictures of bacon on Allison's facebook wall" day.  (I can't stand bacon).  Some of my other friends have joined in.  It's painful/really amusing. :P
  • iOS 6 is out today!  Yes, I'm a media major, can you tell?  Guess what I'm doing after classes today?  Yeah, upgrading my iPhone software.  It makes me happy!
Well, I've gotta run to youth ministry and learn more about how much our culture has gone downhill... as depressing as that sounds, it means that we can do something to change it!

Hope you're all enjoying this beautiful weather!

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  1. I'm so glad it's just figurative crying ;)