Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the list o' dreams

I believe I mentioned a while ago that after my sister-in-law began posting some of the items on her "bucket list", I thought I may do the same.  And then I thought that it may be nice if I started to get a little more systematic with my blogging... if you've noticed, I've been trying to post every day (or as close to it as possible).  That's definitely intentional.  (One of my blogging friends posts every day without fail, and while it varies from funny to serious to just a little quote, I always look forward to reading what she's written.)  So here's my thought: continue my "Silly Saying Saturdays", post an addition to my "bucket list" once a week... and... I have a couple other thoughts. ;)

I've never actually liked the term "bucket list"... it seems so harsh and cold and uninviting.  So I came up with my "dream list"- those things I dream of doing before I die.  Some of them really are simply that- dreams.  Dreams that most likely won't happen.  But you never know, right?  Some of my dreams are silly, some are extremely serious, some are completed, or in process, or years from being started.  But I wanted to have a concrete list of some things that I wanted to accomplish in my life.

And so, I present you with.....(part of) Allison's Dream List.

~eat fried green tomatoes
~go canoeing
~learn to crochet
~have an audience with the Pope
~grow a rose garden

Do you have a list of things you'd like to accomplish in your life?

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  1. I love this! Got me thinking of my own :)