Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday's Silly Saying

First.... I have to tell ya'll this, because I'm super duper excited... I just passed 8800 views on here!  I think that's huge... I'm just a random little college blogger, and I never thought I'd get that many people reading just over a year.  Thank you all for reading and commenting and sharing and being amazing.  It's nice to know that people are actually enjoying what I write.  I didn't post yesterday, and that's simply because my Sadie Hawkins post was still getting a lot of attention.  I figured I'd let the dust from that one settle before I moved on.  (It's now my most read post!)

Without further ado- this week's silly saying comes from Dr. Martin once again.  (I'm telling you, this man is a hilarious genius!)

I've never taken a measurement of the human womb, but I'm guessing it's pretty small.  It's smaller than Rhode Island, and that's a tiny state!
Have a great weekend, everyone!  I'm off to a concert by Seraphic Fire... It should be really good!

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