Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This was the year!

This was the year that I went tree hunting... for the first time EVER!
We found the perfect one!

...and had to say goodbye because it had mold on it :(

Finally, we found it!!

the tree-searching crew
Back at our house.... I carried the tree inside, then held it in the family room for 7 minutes while the entire family searched for a camera so they could take a picture of me holding the tree :P
Yay!  Lights and angel are on!

Now, the postscript to this story is that this morning, I was awakened by Mom opening my door, calling "Allison!  Quick!  The tree fell over and Dad's still getting ready for the day! Put something on your feet!"  So I stumbled out of bed, threw slippers and glasses on, and ran down the stairs.  Sure enough, the tree had done a face-plant on the family room floor.  Thankfully, only one ornament broke.  So the tree is currently sitting right in the middle of everything, right behind Dad's chair at the kitchen table, because the carpet needs to dry out.

Oh, the adventures of Christmastime!

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  1. AHhh love this!! :) Captures the hectic-ness of the holidays so so well.
    Here's to being home for Christmas!