Friday, December 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol 4)

I am realizing what "moving back home" is really like... it means lots of papers on the floor, over a week of organizing, and my obsessive desire for everything to be just right.... It'll all happen eventually, right?
I have been so blessed to be able to get together with lots of friends this week!  Usually said meetings center around coffee or lunch or cookies or 2 of the above ;).  It's been wonderful to catch up after an extremely busy semester for all of us!
Today I went back to my high school to speak to the Junior boys and all the Seniors about Crossroads. I was pleasantly surprised at how interested they all were, and at the number of questions I got at the end of the talk!  It was a lot of fun to talk to them.  And now I have oodles of PRO-LIFE stickers in my (newly organized) closet.  By oodles, I mean around 300.
I saw the Hobbit with my friends Hannah and Robyn, their brothers, and a priest friend this week!  Wow..... it was amazing.  I haven't read the book (yet.  I'm on page 10) but the movie was just fantastic and I'm looking forward to seeing it again when it comes out on DVD!
Speaking of movies, there seem to be a bunch of movies coming out that are interesting!  Les Mis comes out on Christmas, and Anna Karenina is out soon as well!  Why must movies be so darn expensive?!?  (Stasia informed me tonight that $9.50 matinees are not the norm for the whole of the country... she pays $5.50 for a matinee (away from the city)!  Yup, I'm definitely a city girl (although I could do without the high prices).
I want to bake cookies.
And I leave you with this song by the Piano Guys!
Have a wonderful last weekend of Advent!

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