Friday, December 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol 5)

Merry Christmas, all!  I hope you had a blessed celebration with your families!

Silent Night....I'm babysitting 3 of my nieces and nephews tonight, and they're all tucked into bed.  Compared to the 5 or 6 I usually have when I babysit them, tonight was a piece of cake.  They're never, ever difficult for me, but sometimes it's harder to feel like I can individually talk to them.  And since I'm only home/see them every couple months, I really value those times when I can spend time with them all.  It's a blessing to have them all so close by!
Stasia was kind enough to remind me that we have just over 2 weeks until we leave.  No pressure.  None whatsoever.  (read:AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!).  Have I started packing? Nope.  Is everything put away from the fall semester? Haha, no.  I have 14 days left!!  It'll totally happen.
Christmas was very nice.  My parents and aunt and I went to my sister's for Christmas Eve (she and my brother-in-law have a gathering with friends and family), then to Midnight Mass, opened gifts on Christmas morning, and then the whole family came over in the afternoon.  Favorite gifts?  Monogrammed note cards from mom and dad, tickets to My Fair Lady in DC this Sunday, and a "ticket" to go see Les Miserables with my aunt!!  
We received more sad news this week... my mom and aunt's cousin passed away on Christmas Eve.  My parents and aunt are currently en route to the funeral (or trying to be, if this storm doesn't mess things up!).  Please keep their family in your prayers!
At the end of the semester, I decided that I was going to read Harry Potter.  I realize this can be a controversial series, but I am halfway through book 3 and I'm loving it!  (and here Stephanie and Josh and Elizabeth and everyone else can cheer =).)  I got so excited when I found out that the 4th book is ~300 pages longer than the 3rd!  Yes, I can understand why people may not like it, and I'm not a fan of the fact that Harry gets off the hook so often and so easily, but other than that, I'm really enjoying the series!  Maybe I'll do a longer post about it when I finish the series...
I did end up baking cookies last week.  Actually, they were more like shortbread bars.  Some had lemon icing, some had vanilla, and others were plain.  My family must not like shortbread, because only 2 little squares got eaten on Christmas.... oh well.  More for Mom and I!!
And again, I give you more music.  (I guess this is just gonna be a weekly thing...!)  This time, from Lindsey Sterling, an amazing violinist.  Enjoy!

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  1. I have a post on Harry Potter on my blog, but there are a lot of spoilers, so I suggest you read it when you're done with all the books! haha! :)