Friday, April 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol 9)

7 Quick Takes Friday, hosted at Conversion Diary

It's finals week..... which means that we're all stuck in the library while the birds are chirping and the sun is shining!  Thank goodness for European windows which really allow the breeze (and bugs!) inside while we're working.  Finals start tomorrow (Saturday) and go through Wednesday; Thursday is 'packing and cleaning' day, and we're out of here on Friday (at like 3 am... meh).

We're doing ALL the Austrian things!  Last Friday was the Austrian Ball, which involves dirndls and leiderhosen, Austrian dancing, and yummy food.  AND I finally climbed a mountain!  Book mountain, to be exact.  Josh was here visiting, so Sunday after Mass and brunch, we set out to climb to the top.  We made it, and even though it was exhausting, it was totally worth it.  Gaming is beautiful from above!  And now I have a better picture in my mind of the whole town.
(Gaming from above)

As the finals-mindset really sinks in, I begin to realize how many other things I want to be doing.  Things like re-organizing my computer files, or setting up a different personal website, or going through all my photos from the semester... The good thing is, I will able to do it all when I get home!

I don't want to go home.  I will miss Gaming, the Kartause, these friends I've made, my amazing classes, the professors who live what they teach, the scenery... Heck, just Europe in general!!  Let me stay!!!!
(Vienna and the Kartause)

I can't wait to get home.  There are some things that just aren't the same here that I really miss... and my goodness, I've missed my family and friends!  

(suffice it to say- I WILL be back some day.)

I just found out about a program called "Blogging for Books".  Very simply, it involves the company sending me a book, which I review and blog about.  They get honest reviews about their books, and I get free books!  (Because I definitely need more books... *ahemahem*)  I've already ordered the first one, entitled "On Heaven and Earth", co-authored by Pope Francis (pre-papacy) and Abraham Skorka, a Jewish rabbi.  I'm really looking forward to both reading it and sharing my thoughts with you all!

And finally, a quote from my Scripture class for you to ponder:
"Since Christ, in instituting the Eucharist, linked it in such an explicit way to the priestly service of the Apostles, it is legitimate to conclude that he thereby wished to express the relationship between man and woman, between what is 'feminine' and what is 'masculine'.  It is a relationship willed by God both in the mystery of creation and in the mystery of Redemption."
-JPII, Mulieris Dignitatem


  1. I really need to reorganize my computer files! one thing i find helpful if it means anything to you is if for example you have skydrive for online docs, create folders designated to certain classes. ive been doing that lately and its helping a great deal. Good luck!

  2. Thankfully, I'm pretty good at keeping up with it (I'm kind of an extreme file-organizer), but that's a great website to have! Thanks!