Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday's Silly Saying

"Guard the deposit, defend the twitter!"

This comment is from my Catechetics class (which I will greatly miss...).  Anyway, my professor was asking how we all received our Church news, and a couple girls commented that they used Twitter.  After a couple minutes of teasing those of us who use twitter (yes, I included myself in that.  Go ahead, look shocked.  Really.  It's ok.) and the two girls defending twitter, Prof. M came out with that (^) hilarious statement.  Ya know, twitter is a really good catechetical tool.  Just sayin'.

This, of course, also comes after a fire alarm went off in our residence hall two weeks ago.  We had been speaking in Catechetics about "guarding the deposit of faith".  My friend who is in the previously mentioned Catechetics class heard the fire alarm, grabbed her Catechism, and as I ran down the stairs, I heard her yell at the top of her lungs, "It's ok, people, I'm guarding the deposit!"  So Prof M's comment was well timed.

Look at that, you got two silly sayings today.  :D


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