Friday, May 18, 2012

The First Couple Days

I've now been here for 3 days (plus a couple hours...) and it's been so wonderful. Thursday was our training day, and even though lots of the information was tedious, we still managed to have fun. That's what I love about this group- we're all able to make light of a hard/boring/annoying situation. I think that will make things easier later on, especially when we're walking and tired and hungry.

Yesterday (Friday) we went into Seattle with our PRO-LIFE shirts on (they just came in the mail yesterday so we were all super excited to wear them out in public). We went to the market where the (apparently) famous fish market is. John, our "fearless leader" held a fish and we all got a picture. We also experienced some nice and not-so-nice comments from passers-by. The best comment of the night, by far, was from the owner of "Bayou on 1st" where we ate dinner: "if you guys finish all the food, America will be pro-life.". Needless to say, we finished the food... There is hope, America! The northern walk can eat food and save the nation!

Tonight, we're giving our first talks to parishes. We're all splitting into pairs and going to 5 different churches. I'm looking forward to it :)


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  1. How many of those PRO-LIFE shirts do you get and how often do you get to do laundry?? You may not only be a witness to America, but if you don't do laundry often, they may smell you coming!! ;o)