Thursday, September 8, 2011

Random Thoughts and Musings

Well,  I made it through my first weekend at college.... homework, homework, mass, homework, and swing dancing.  Oh, and a movie. :D  Even though I had tons of reading to do for Media, Poetry, and Foundations of Catholicism, (most) was interesting reading, so it wasn't all that bad.

After being here for a week and a half:

     Isn't this sewing kit awesome?  The best part is *whispers* it was only $4!!

     Yes, I was excited about trail mix.  The sad part about the trail mix is that it's almost gone.  :(  PS- that's dried mango in there, in case you're wondering.  It's quite yummy!)
     Some may call me crazy for being excited about laundry detergent, but I have honestly never used scented detergent before.  I must have looked ridiculous, going down the detergent aisle in the store, smelling every one...... and I found something out- many detergents smell funny.  Not this one, though!
      *repeat everything I said about detergent, except substituting dryer sheets*  (side note- these smell AMAZING!!)
I have had bad luck with lamps lately.  So, I brought a lamp for my desk with me.  The very first weekend, we put a lightbulb in, plugged it in, but it didn't work.  I turned and turned the switch, but it just wouldn't go on.  So my parents went to Walmart and bought me a new lamp (Thanks, Mom and Dad!).  The next day, I put a light bulb in, plugged it in, but it didn't work.  What on earth....??  I noticed the light bulb was a bit loose, so I took it out and put it back in- this is what happened: 
Yes, the silly lightbulb broke right off, leaving the part pictured above inside socket.  It took me a day or two to get the silly remainder of the light bulb out, and another day to be brave enough to put a new bulb in.  And it better not happen again, because I only have one 40 watt light bulb left! (Yes, Mom and Dad, you did buy me 4 bulbs, and yes, I can count- I gave one to someone else. :) )  So now, I have a lovely working light.  Two, actually.  One on my desk and one attached to my bed for reading.  Yay!
I have realized that as I go on in college, silly things get more and more exciting.  Case in point: I love getting quarters, because I need quarters for the washer and dryer.  Laugh if you want, I did!
Today was a very exciting day.  I not only got 2 envelopes but a huge box from home!!  Dad sent my voter registration card so now I can submit my absentee form thingymabobber.  AND I got letters and pictures from some of my nieces and nephews.  And then in my box, I got the blanket my grandma knitted for me, a bulletin board (which is now on my wall with pictures of my family and friends from home), gluten free snicker doodles, gingersnaps, and (surprise) chocolate chip cookies, crackers, hard shoes, poodle socks, and computer paper.  It made me very happy.

I'm off to bed...... 8 am classes come early!


  1. Ok - so funny - now you get to really enjoy "grown-up life". Ain't laundry detergent great!

  2. oh - by the way...Next time just use half an uncooked potato to take the broken light-bulb out of the lamp... easy peasy lemon squeeze.... (that is so not me...)

  3. Ya, as if you have a potato in your room! What!?

    Be on the lookout...not going to say any more!

  4. I most definitely keep potatoes in my room.... Right.

    T- OK, I will!! For..... whatever I'm looking for. :)

  5. Next time I make it to the Post Office I am so sending you a roll of quarters and a potato. :) Raw potato, best ever way to remove a broken bulb from a lamp ... saves you the day or two it took you otherwise!!
    -C (I still can't figure out how to comment on my own ... so frustrating)