Monday, September 12, 2011


That was another busy (and fun!) weekend.  My morning on Saturday began at 5:10; I woke up, got ready, and went to 6 AM mass in the chapel.  I was amazed at how many people were there that early on a Saturday morning!  Afterwards, we went outside and got ready to head to the abortion clinic in Pittsburgh to pray.  There were around 130 people who wanted to go!  The Students for Life group wasn't prepared for that many people, so they were short on cars.  The leader kept saying, if God wants us all to go, He'll find a way.  If not, He'll make His plans known.  After almost everyone had left, and 6 people had volunteered to stay behind and pray in the Port, there were 10 left.  And one had a car.  A car with 5 seats. :P  I was literally starting to say that I would stay behind and pray when a random car drove up.  The driver called, "You guys need rides to the clinic?"  What a miracle!  We were all able to fit in the cars, and we showed up at the clinic only about 10 minutes behind everyone else.

2 1/2 hours of prayer in the middle of two abortion clinics is spiritually taxing.  To watch the women walk in, surrounded by "Pro-choice Escorts" on all sides, with one sidewalk counselor trying to speak with her is hard.  It was powerful to know that so many people were there praying for an end to this monstrosity.

After arriving back on campus, I ate a long-overdue lunch and settled down to do some reading....... and I awoke 1 1/2 hours later.  :D  Apparently I was tired.  Thankfully, after that I was wide awake.  My roommate, another friend, and I took a walk after dinner, and we got to see Steubenville and Weirton (across the river) from a high hill, which was really cool.  Saturday I also went to Lord's Day- I thought it was great!  Definitely a household that's on my "short list", but we'll have to see.  I've only been to one!  And THEN 4 of us watched a movie.  Thankfully, we managed to still get to bed at a good time.  

Sunday, I left my dorm 14 minutes before mass started.... I walked into the chapel only to find that every. single.  seat in the chapel was full.  I had to sit in the adoration chapel.  It was packed!!  I'm reconsidering my 10:30 mass time.  :P  A couple of us decided to walk down the hill to the flatbread place/coffeeshop, which was really yummy.  I think it's going to be our post-mass tradition, until it's super cold or it snows and we can't make it down without sliding.  :)

The only other notable thing that happened on Sunday was swing dancing.  It was a lot of fun- I'm finally getting the hang of East Coast swing after doing West Coast for a long time.  And there were actually guys there who knew what they were doing.  Thank goodness!!

This morning I had my interesting poetry class, then a 5 hour break, French, a half-hour break in which I ate a hurried dinner, and Foundations- which still doesn't feel like the 2 hours and 40 minutes that it really is.  Whew!  It's a really fascinating class and my teacher 1- knows what she's talking about 2 - is happy to answer any and all of our questions and 3 - loves what she's teaching and makes me exited to learn the material.  The only downside to the class is that it only meets once a week, so I always have a lot of homework.  I guess if I spread it our over the week instead of doing all 67 pages of reading in 2 nights, it would be more manageable.  *sigh*  Yeah, I know.

Exciting news 1- I'm having a visitor from Thursday through Sunday!  A friend from high school is coming to visit me .... it'll be lots of fun!!

Exciting news 2- I just attended training for being an EM (Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion), so (hopefully) in a week or so, I'll be officially "trained and commission by the Diocese of Steubenville", and then I'll be able to distribute Communion at Mass!!  *does the happy dance*



  1. You busy lady!!! Being an EM is an awesome experience. 10:30 mass is ALWAYS crowded, but it's also the more 'charismatic' so we use to just 'rotate' which mass we went to...and when you get older and can get off campus easier it's fun to go to the in town mass as well-for change.

    What was the name of the 'short list' household?

    2 things we didn't have that you have...the coffee shop place down the hill- super cool! Lucky you!

    And swing dance lessons- at least I didn't know about them if they had them.

    Last question...who is coming to visit you? send me an email...I'm curious!

    Miss you! Just got your address today from dad, finally...not sure why it took so long. Anyway, watch your mail!

  2. Were you an EM when you were here? If so, I didn't know that!! The nice thing is, if I'm EM-ing at a 10:30 mass, I get reserved seating. :)

    I visited Totus Tuus. I've got a list of about 4 that I'm seriously looking into, and 5 others that I want to look at a bit more casually. We'll see!!

    Really? Heavenly Grounds wasn't here when you were? For some reason I thought it opened in the 90s..... but maybe it just wasn't associated with the school? Hmmmm....

    I think that if swing dancing was around, you would have known, because the Brothers are running it. ; ) (I guess that'd be a question for David.... David??)

    I will definitely watch the mailbox!! Thanks!! :)
    Miss you guys, too. I'll "see" you all on Sunday at the party!