Thursday, September 15, 2011

Of Spinach and Weather

As strange as that title may seem, the topics are related.  In a way.  I guess.  Maybe.  

So there must have been a sale on spinach at the store where Sodexo shops.  Because today for lunch, there were two things that had spinach in them- the chicken parmesan and the soup.  Oh, and since when does "chicken parmesan" consist of pasta, cut-up chicken, and spinach in a cream sauce?  That's not the chicken parmesan I grew up with!  It was good, but still.... and then the spinach soup was good, too, but different.

Ok, people, this is September.  It should not be 50 degrees during the day!  For goodness sakes.  And on top of that, rain?  No way, Hosay!  (I just realized that I've never spelled that phrase out.  Is Hosay like Hosea in the Bible?  I've no idea....)  Anyway, it was freezing and I was VERY grateful for my sweater and coat.  The soup was appreciated muchly.

With cold weather comes the want (read: need) for apples.  Yummy, fresh apples, hand-picked in an orchard in the middle of nowhere.  So I'd really like to go apple picking when I'm home on break.  Will apples still be in season then?  I hope so.... Mom?  Dad?  Can we go apple picking?  

Today was the day of packages.  I got 4 of them!!  1 was a movie (Phantom!) I ordered from Borders because I had a gift card and they're going out of business, so I got it for almost nothing.  (Oh, happy day!) The second was an air freshener for our dorm room..... The third was a Vera Bradley purse and wallet that I ordered because they were on sale (I saved more than I spent!!).  And the fourth was a pretty barrette from my mom. :)  (Thanks, mom!!)

AND tonight and for the next 2 nights I have a friend staying with me.  It's going to be a good weekend.  


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