Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol 6)

Today I bring you a 'themed version' of my 7 Quick Takes: What I'm Bringing With Me To Europe (in no particular order).

Books.  For a read-a-holic like me, its impossible to think about a trip without books.  I'm limiting myself to 2- The Hobbit and Bilbo's Journey: Discovering the Hidden Meaning of The Hobbit.  I haven't read either (although I have seen the movie), so I'm excited to get into them.  I have to admit, though, that I may give in and bring Waking Rose with me as well... its just too good. :)
Clothing.  Obviously.  It's been difficult to pack for a colder climate while it's just so unseasonably nice here!  I have boots, a down coat, 2 sweatshirts, countless sweaters, tights, long sleeve shirts.  And a bathing suit.  Who knows what I'll come across (apparently there are 2 pools nearby that we can use?).
Guide books.  So this technically comes under the "books" heading above, but I'm really excited about these two books.  They're both by Rick Steves: one is Europe Through the Back Door and the other is Best of Europe 2013.  So far, they're looking really good and I think they should be helpful for all my travels!
Electronics.  Sorry, but I can't journey through another continent without documenting it!  I'm bringing my computer, phone, and camera, and I'm looking forward to sharing with everyone back home!
Room decorations.  Don't laugh.  You are not allowed to laugh.  Grace and I are both bringing pictures and such for our room, provided that we're allowed to use sticky tack on the walls.  Hopefully- it'll seem so much more homey!
Good walking shoes.  Everyone who goes to Europe (or on any trip, for that matter) knows that good, supportive walking shoes are important!  I found some Dr. Scholl's sneakers that aren't too sneaker-y and are actually kinda cute, and my boots are really supportive, and are actually the same brand of shoe that I wore to Europe last time. (J-41, for all you who are curious.  DSW has them!)  
Snacks for the plane, and a water bottle.  Considering that we'll be on an all-night flight, and that I have to eat protein or I turn into a 7-headed monster (aka, I pass out), I have brought some protein granola bars for the morning we land.  Something tells me they will come in very handy.  I was also advised to bring a Brita filter water bottle, so that I can just fill it up from the tap and not spend money on bottled water!  Yay saving money!

Well, there you have it.  My last post before I'm on the road!
**Due to long layovers, you may expect frequent communications via Track My Tour.  Airports are fascinating places :P

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  1. I think bringing your wall decorations makes perfect sense! Have a safe trip.