Thursday, November 29, 2012

Paper Planes and Playground Games

(20 bonus points if you get the song ^ reference ;) )

So, as I mentioned in my last post, it's getting quite hectic and stressful here in the Ohio Valley... I mentioned that I had 12 projects/papers/tests to complete in 14 days (including exams).  (It's actually 15, but who's really counting?)  Well, I've officially finished 4 of those!  So now, I've got 5 exams, 2 somewhat long papers, a Bible journal, and 3 graphic design projects.  Thankfully, I have some friends who are seemingly light on the homework, so they have been keeping me sane with off-key singing parties and lunches at 2 pm.  Oh, and Carol of the Bells has helped too :)

I wanted to share a post with you by Grace, my roommate for next semester.  She just started a blog at Behold Your Beauty, and THIS post is absolutely fantastic.  Ya'll should check it out!

Stay warm!


  1. Good luck with all of your work Allison! Thanks for all of your prayers as means alot! Tell Grace I really enjoyed her post, especially the last two paragraphs. I look forward to reading more from her :)

  2. Thanks so much, Michelle! oh, absolutely :) I'm definitely with you guys in spirit.
    I let Grace know, and she said "I'm so glad she liked it!! Thank you!"

  3. thanks for sharing.