Monday, November 5, 2012

Language is the Music of the Soul

I've had various conversations lately about words.  Words are amazing things.  Ya know those people who use language so elegantly and beautifully without sounding funny?  I love those people.  And if they can write like that, all the better.  So when I fell across Renee's blog over a year ago, I fell in love with her writing.  Renee's beauty comes out in her writing, and I love that so much.  And then, last week, she posted this jewel of a post.  And it happened to just fit perfectly with a conversation I had recently had.

There's something about spending time with people that gives you more things to laugh about.  It's different from connecting via text or email or chat.  Because those funny one-liners rarely come from email messages.  They do, however, emerge from phone calls, skype conversations, or, best of all, talking in person.

(Don't get me wrong, I see the value of today's social media (Hello, multimedia major here!).  But the personal connection from talking goes way beyond any other type of communication.)

These types of one-liners are beautiful.  And fun.  And they tie you closer to the person or people with whom you have them.  Cases in point:

"Pinterest!"- I can't hear it (from certain people) without laughing, unfortunately.
"I heard he was cute""Brilliant!""Where's the van?""Group Dynamics!!"

These phrases draw my friends and I together.  Each time we use one of them, we are reminded of an experience that we had.  That's such a blessing, you guys.  When you re-hash a fun time or a difficult week, you are re-learning about the people with whom you experienced this, you are re-learning about yourself.  It's so beautiful, important, and crucial to your growth with your friends.

And that's how friendship turns into family.

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  1. I love the fact that a multimedia major is so tuned in to the beauty of language AND to the irreplaceable value of an in-person conversation.