Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Smoke and Mirrors

Ah, yes, I do believe I am the only person who would have set off the smoke alarm in the dorm whilst using a hair straightener.

How hawkward. **

Time: 10:15 am, Monday, August 27, 2012
Place: my dorm, my room
The Situation: a workman had just dropped by (at which point I was mid-way through straightening my hair) to show Ev and I how to adjust the temperature on the heater.  He left, I started the straightening process again, and 3 minutes later, we heard a piercing alarm.  Thinking it was a fire alarm, we bolted from our room, then realized, Hold Up, That's Coming From Our Room.  The workmen (now there were 2 of them) meandered down the stairs (apparently they weren't half as worried as we were) and then wandered into our room, thinking, wondering why it was going off, at which point I meekly informed them that I had been straightening my hair kinda-under the smoke detector (SIDE NOTE! I stood in this same place while using the same straightener for the last week, and no alarms went off).

Oh goodness.

So these two workmen (who were very nice) didn't know how to turn the alarm off, because it was a new model.  It took them a good 5 minutes, while I stood in the hallway with Evelyn and looked embarrassed.

Finally, the alarm was turned off, and we returned to our normal lives.
Well, as normal as a day can be after you set the smoke alarm off.

**Taken from my blogger/friend Renée at Sweet Unrest who in turn took it from her friend: "an adjective used to describe a situation so painfully awkward, you with that a hawk would swoop down and take you away."


  1. YES. YES. This is the most perfect application of the word hawkward (also a hilariously painful story :) ). YOU WIN.

  2. LOL, oh goodness. Funny story (and glad to hear everything was ok :) ).

  3. Welcome to the first week of your Sophomore year!!!!! Now everyone in your new dorm knows who you are! ;)

  4. Renée- Im not sure I want to win that competition... ;)