Friday, April 13, 2012


So much that's out there right now is overrated:
Twilight is overrated.
A series of books dedicated to sparkling vampires?  I'll pass, thanks.
Twitter is overrated.
I can see its uses.  But couldn't they have thought up a better name?  "I'm tweeting" sounds so.... immature.
Dyed red hair is overrated.
Natural redhead speaking.  I can tell when you've dyed your hair, even when it's "natural".  Need I say more?
Sleep is overrated (wait. did I just say that?).
I'm in college.
Brittany Spears is overrated.
Why do women unnecessarily shave their heads?  ............ exactly.
"Rick rolling" is overrated.
"Never Gonna Give You Up" is a good song!  You shouldn't need to coerce people into listening to it.

The housing fair line is overrated.

     Now, here is where a longer explanation is needed.  In order to get housing for next year, students here are required to go to the "housing fair" to sign up for which dorm we want.  There are a couple ways that the school could go about this:
     1. Online registration.  Much like class registration, you give a time when everyone can sign up.  Students virtually rush the website and Res-Net crashes.
     2. Peacefully and calmly.  Exactly what it sounds like.
But neither of these are the way that we do this lovely housing thing here.  Let me explain our process:

2 weeks before the housing fair, flyers go out: "Line starts at 8 am!  No tents allowed!  You may not camp out overnight!  Doors open at 9 pm!" Why is this such a big deal????

8 am: the line starts forming.  These are people who desperately want a specific dorm, and they're willing to go a whole day standing in the same place to get that dorm.
11 am: about 40 people are standing in line.  They are laughing and playing cards.  Everyone is happy.
(from here, I go from knowledge to speculation)
2-ish pm: those who have been in line since morning are getting antsy.  But there's not place-holding, so they can't get out of line!  Sorry, food needs to wait!
5:30 pm: I get in line.  I hope that I don't get stuck in the dorm that's known for having mold.  (Evelyn is allergic and I don't want to find out if I am!)
9 pm: the doors open.  Students rush the doors.  The popular dorms fill up quickly and we silly freshmen are left asking, "Why didn't I get in line at 8 am?"

Honestly, there is no way that I'd get in line at 8 am, wait for 13 hours, skip classes, and freeze/starve/miss out on a whole day of life just to get into one certain dorm.  Don't get me wrong, I love my dorm and I hope I can get into the same one next year, but it's a bed.  And a desk, and a bookshelf.  I don't need this specific dorm to be happy in college.  I have no problem with those who do wait in line all day, its just not my priority at this point.

I shall update you all on my experience in line on Sunday.  (Tomorrow is Saturday's Silly Saying day!  (I know I skipped last week, but it was Holy Saturday and I was just a slight bit busy.) I have a bunch of sayings to choose from.... hehe).



  1. After reading the first line I was definitely going to commment on how overrated the housing fair is until I scrolled down....and found beat me to

  2. Times sure do change ... I don't remember how I got a room in the dorm of my choosing some 15 years ago, but it sure wasn't by lining up at 8 a.m. for doors that didn't open until 9 p.m. Will I start to sound old if I say, "It sure was easy back when I was in college ..." :)

  3. I definitely agree, though I don't know about the housing fair thing, having never had to deal with far. O.o

    The "I'm tweeting" cracked me up. When I hear news reporters or whatnot say "Follow our tweets at..." I just stare. You're right, it's very immature-sounding. And undignified.

    - Victoria