Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Makes it worth it

As you probably know if you follow my blog, I will be walking on Crossroads this summer.  It's a 12 week, 4900 mile walk across the country to spread the pro-life message.  I am really excited to begin (3 weeks from today!), but as the day draws nearer and nearer, I'm realizing how big a sacrifice it will be to take this journey.  But it's not even what I will experience, it's what I won't experience that will make it oh-so-very-hard.

I am a college student; I only go home for 1 week at a time, except for Christmas.  This summer won't be an exception.  I will have exactly 7 days at home between the end of finals and the day I leave again.  1 week to see my parents, my siblings, my nieces and nephews, my friends who go to school in other states.  1 week to pack.  1 week to eat home-cooked meals.  1 week to prepare for what will most likely be the most life-changing time of my life.

I'm going to be gone for birthdays galore: my dad's, niece's, my own, my brother's, brother-in-law's, aunt's, sister-in-law's and 3 close friend's.  4th of July won't be spent at a cookout with family and fireworks at the military base with 6 other families.  I'll miss our kinda-annual Red Sox vs. Nationals game.  I'll miss my nephews' baseball and football games, my nieces' soccer games, and my other niece's dance shows.  I'll be gone for the Church picnic.  I won't get to spend random days with my nieces and nephews, or have coffee dates with my sister, or scrapbook nights with my sister-in-law.  My reading will consist of the Bible, liturgy of the hours, 3 books, and some pro-life pamphlets.  My bedroom will be shared with 5 other girls, and my bed will be a sleeping bag.  I'll accept donations for my meals.

By this time, I know precisely what you're thinking: "Why the heck is she doing this if she's gonna miss out on so many things that mean so much to her?"  Let me tell you.

I'm doing this because of the friendships I'll make.
I'm doing this because I'll see so much of the country.
I'm doing this to go outside my comfort zone.
I'm doing this to grow in my faith and trust.

But most importantly, I'm walking this summer for those who will never have the chance to walk.  I'll breathe the air of 14 states for those who won't breathe outside the womb.  I'll pray for those who have no one else to pray for them.

I am standing for those who are helpless.

And that makes everything else worth it.



  1. We'll sure miss you! But this is going to be an amazing time of your just gotta take advantage of it! We'll be praying for you every day of your journey. We're so proud of you for not only walking for the unborn, but also for walking for those of us who think it'd be a pretty darn awesome thing go to do, but simply can't right now.

    Love you!

  2. I am SO proud to call you "sister"! You are an amazing woman and though you will miss all those things with the family, the example you set for all of us, from the littlest nieces and nephews to the oldest adults, we will never be able to thank you for. So, though inadequate ... "thank you." I love you!!

  3. What an adventure; what a journey--physical, and spiritual too. And not just for you, but for me also! Learning to better offer sacrifice as prayer, learning to better entrust my lovely daughter into the arms of Mary and Jesus, learning to rely more on the protections of her Guardian Angel and St. Michael. I will be walking with you in prayer each and every day and night. May our Lord hear the prayers and sacrifices of the entire Crossroads team, and inspire our nation with a new appreciation for His awesome gift of LIFE. I love you, and am so grateful for the gift that your life is to me. xo, mom

  4. Alison,

    Wow! Jake told me about your committment to this walk. What an awesome and wonderful experience and example you are for the youth of today. I'm hoping to hear about you all live on our Cathlic Radio "Relevant Radio". I'll be listening and praying for all of you. Way to go and God bless you all! Mary (Jake's mom)