Friday, March 30, 2012

Sacrifice: The Hard Truth

Often, any kind of suffering, whether it be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, serious or superficial, is looked at as a horrible burden.  Why is it that so few people see the value of "offering it up" or "suffering in silence"?  So much good can come out of suffering and sacrifice.

I think that as Catholics and Christians, we sometimes get tired of hearing about sacrifices.  But there are toms of unconventional ways to sacrifice, little and big.  Say you wanted to go to a concert, but you found out that the tickets were sold out.  Sacrifice!!  Tell yourself "Shoot" and "I offer this disappointment for the souls in purgatory", and move on with your day.  You don't get a raise.  You fail a test.  You lose your favorite earrings.  Instead of making a huge deal about it, stomping around for hours (or days!), complaining to every person you see, say a little prayer and just move on!

But what if something doesn't go wrong?  What if everything is just peachy and you're like "I have nothing to sacrifice!"  Heck yes you do!  Don't eat that cookie.  Sleep without your pillow.  Take a cold (or cool) shower.  Drink water instead of soda.  See, it's simple.  And then there are big things.  Go on a missionary trip to Africa.  Donate more than your normal tithe to a charitable organization.  Go out of your way to go to Mass everyday (even if it means getting up early!)

Now, I'm by no means suggesting that everyone is called to do all this.  Some people are called to do more than others.  What do you think you think you can do?  Is there one more sacrifice you can offer during these last couple weeks of Lent?

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