Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yes, this is my life

Some people live for Mumford and Sons concerts, or seeing One Direction, or the possibility of going to the Grammys.  Some people would give their right arm to meet Josh Groban, or to visit the White House and see the President.

But when you're a Catholic young adult, you get excited over something else.

Your ears prick up when you hear the church bell right, but then you realize that it's only ringing the hour.
You hear "live stream of St. Peter's Square" and strain to hear the rest of the conversation.
And the word 'cardinal' no longer simply means a bird not yet seen in the Austrian winter.

We are, my friends, awaiting the election of a new Pope.

Any day now, we will have a new leader of our Church.  As much as we may miss Blessed John Paul II and His Holiness Benedict XVI, we are simultaneously enthralled by the idea of getting to know a new papa.

He will lead our generation to holiness.
We will listen to his every word and follow his example.

Right now, we live for that moment that we hear our Kartause bells ringing, that we hear someone running through the halls of our dorms screaming "Habemus Papam!", and that we see the new leader of our Church emerge on a balcony that we gazed on only one short week ago.

These are the moments we live for.
And this is why being a Catholic young adult is the best kind of young adult to be.

Come, Holy Spirit!  Blessed JPII, Intercede for our Church!

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