Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Musings: Vol. 2

Time and Place: 11:55 pm, The Nook 

What I can hear...  "It's Gotta Be You", on Grace's computer ;)

This past week... Yes. Just yes. Loved it.  (#soblessed)

I've been reading... Nothing, sadly.  

Recent realization... Sometimes, it's good to get outside yourself and meet new people in a new city.  Or to talk to the person next to you on the plane.  

I'm oh-so-grateful for... Renée and Josh, who welcomed me to London with open arms and are just the best! We had some beautiful long conversations over pints and/or dinner, and I was reminded once again why friends are wonderful!

Next week... I'm headed to France!  Let's hear it for les francophonies!  I'll be going to Lisieux and Paris for the Easter triduum, and then to serve at Lourdes for a week.

I'm looking forward to... Being in one place, away from Gaming, for a whole week.  Lourdes will be crazy and hectic, but I'm also expecting at least a little bit of peace.

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