Sunday, June 3, 2012

Every Day We're Shufflin'...

This is going to be a fairly long post, so buckle your seatbelts!

I'm done with week two of Crossroads, and this past week was just as great as last week!  I'll say it again (and again, and again...): It is such a blessing to be here!

this week we had two new (temporary) walkers!  Alexander and Daniel Fedoryka (of the band Scythian) joined us a week ago Friday and will be here until next weekend.  They're a lot of fun and it's great to have more people walking.

Amanda went home this week :( She thought she had mono, but got home and didn't.  Still, she has a virus and will be home recovering for at least 3 weeks.  Hopefully she can join us again!

We're ahead of schedule! By about a day!!!  Huzzah!!  Hooray!!  Praise God we're ahead, because with injuries and sickness this week, we didn't cover as much as we did last week.  Still, we managed to get 28-33 miles each shift!

I saw my parents last weekend... which was really nice.  My mom and dad came to Idaho to visit my godparents, and I was able to stay with them for a night (and take a day off) and then the whole group stayed at my godparents' house as well.

This is my last week of being 18 (aaahhhhhh....!) Where the heck did the last year go?

Blisters are no fun.  Only one person on the walk, Daniel, has managed to get by without any blisters so far.  (lucky ducky!)  One day I had none, the next I had 3, and 5 days later I had 6.  Oh dear me.  I think blisters are my least favorite part of this summer.

NIGHT SHIFT!  I'm finally on night shift this week!  I'm soo super duper excited.  (I have been informed that by Wednesday, I won't be so thrilled.  I'll let y'all know (yes, I did just say y'all)).

I love meeting people on the road and at Mass.  People are so supportive!  It's wonderful to see that yes, America is really prolife.  We've had at least 2 people a day stop us on the side of the road to ask if we need a ride.  One day, we had 7 cars stop!  The best is when someone stops, then comments on the Crossroads Prolife facebook page about their encounter.

The Catholic world is soooo small!  On this trip, I have met friends of friends, family of friends, people who knew people I used to know... It's awesome and I love it.
~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~
I realized that I keep talking about these people I'm walking with, and you don't even know anything about them.  Behold, your introduction!

John: aka Fearless Leader.  John's our walk leader.  He's a master's student at Boston College studying education (and theology, I think?).  He likes Broadway.

Josh: Our assistant leader.  Josh is a rising Junior at Notre Dame.  He's studying History and Philosophy and has an awesome hat.

Zechariah: Student at Missouri State majoring in Computer Information Systems.  Zechariah is super fun and always happy (that's what he said) :D.

Mario: Our Irish walker!  He walked with Crossroads in Ireland last summer and came to the States (for the first time) to walk with us.  He likes tea and enlightening us about life in Europe.

Peter: Will be a sophomore at Ave Maria, studying classics and either history or philosophy.  He likes to get into deep philosophical discussions.

Grace: Rising junior at Ave Maria.  She made it through 2 weeks on night shift and is (amazingly enough) still happy and cheerful.  She also walks 15 miles in a row.

Kirstin: Just graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville where she majored in drama and english.  (I know her from high school.)  She has a strong liking for all things Disney.

Stephanie: Fellow Franciscan Student, fellow Communications and Catechetics major.  She's a rising Junior and always wears a flower in her hair.  She's also always and perpetually genuinely cheerful (which in turn makes the rest of us a wee bit more happy).

Allison: (Me) You probably already know this already, but I'm a rising sophomore at Franciscan, studying Theology, Catechetics, and Communications.

Alexander and Daniel: brothers, Franciscan grads, members of the band Scythian.  (Check them out- they're awesome!)

For Your Entertainment:
I've made my Crossroads albums on Facebook public so everyone can see them.  You should be able to see them here.
Week 1 we made a fun and totally ridiculous "music video", which you can view right here:

Josh made a really cool "day in the life" video that should be uploaded soon.  When it's up, I'll put the link here!

Whewph! Everyone's coming back out of the woodwork from a lazy Sunday afternoon, so I'd better get going!

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  1. Please offer prayers of great thanksgiving for our wonderful St. Raymond's Parish community that keeps you in prayer, and especially for lovely Evelyn who is so very generous and hard-working for the pro-life cause. She has designed an incredible poster and brochure for our parish so that they can follow you on the Crossroads tour!