Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Change is in the air!

Over the past 2 weeks or so, my Mass Media teacher has been telling us about a project that he would be assigning.  I know I've been anxiously awaiting the announcement..... wondering what I would get to do!

Weelllll..... today he gave us the assignment!

We were asked to do something with new media- a blog, tumblr, photo essay, youtube videos.... we were also told that we could use something that we already have.  Sooooo...... that means that this blog will be undergoing some major changes!  I'll be adding some different elements to it and changing the backgrounds, pictures, and, um, I don't know what else.  Something exciting. :)

Which brings me to the next thing.  Part of my grade will be viewer involvement.  Please comment on my blog!  Tell your friends!  Tell your neighbors!  Tell the lady at the store!  Ok, maybe not.  That would be a little odd.  In fact, please don't tell the lady at the store.  But do tell everyone else!  

I'm off to make some changes!  I'm going to start with the background and header.  Just don't think you're in the wrong place when you visit next time!



  1. I will be sure to comment to help you!!! I really like your blog it is great to keep in touch with how you are doing! I miss you!

  2. oooo la la I'm liking the new layout!

  3. It's got a ways to go! I kinda got excited and changed stuff, but not everything, so it looks funny right now. :D

  4. I love it when assignments ask us to do cool things. :)

  5. I know, right? I'm soooo excited!